My first paper has been accepted!

Network analysis of regional livestock trade in West Africa 🐄 🐑 🐐

Image credit: [Valerie C. Valerio (2017)]

After a long process of cleaning data, coding, analyzing, writing and revising… our paper “Network analysis of regional livestock trade in West Africa” has just been accepted to PLoS ONE! This paper is the result of a collaboration with Drs. Olivier J. Walther, Marjatta Eilittä, Brahima Cissé, Greg A. Kiker and Rachata Muneepeerakul. More details to come after publication day.

Valerie C. Valerio
Valerie C. Valerio
PhD Candidate in Agricultural and Biological Engineering

My interests include building data and simulation models of agricultural value chains in developing countries, learning and teaching data analytics and communicating science.