Our paper "Network analysis of regional livestock trade in West Africa" is published in PLOS ONE

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Image credit: PLOS ONE

Our paper “Network analysis of regional livestock trade in West Africa” has been published in PLoS ONE. We used market survey information collected by the CILSS across West Africa to build a network of animal trade movements. We then use network analysis to describe the network at three scales: whole network, market community and invidual market scales. This paper highlights the existence of regional trade hubs located in urban centers and within 50 kms of borders, and the role of Nigeria as an important destination of regional exports.

Read or download the paper here.

This paper is the result of a collaboration with Drs. Olivier J. Walther, Marjatta Eilittä, Brahima Cissé, Greg A. Kiker and Rachata Muneepeerakul.

Valerie C. Valerio
Valerie C. Valerio
PhD Candidate in Agricultural and Biological Engineering

My interests include building data and simulation models of agricultural value chains in developing countries, learning and teaching data analytics and communicating science.